Brand Ambassadors

Dr. Waqas Khan


  • I am an interventional Cardiologist
  • I joke that my wife and I had no children before and now we have four, almost one for every year I’ve been at Long Island Community Hospital. So, there’s that!
  • I’m kind of addicted to shopping at Costco.
  • Growing up, I had two passions. One was cricket. The other is “up in the air.” Literally.
  • I say, “When you save somebody’s life at 1, 2 in the morning – or whenever.  Or when you can see the pain go away, that is an amazing thing. You feel you are so blessed that God chose you for this.”
  • “When you see the people you’ve helped, sometimes they come and they hug you. And their families hug you. And then my wife says, ‘Why are all of these people hugging you?’”
  • “People say they had such a good experience at Long Island Community Hospital. They say, ‘You changed how I see the hospital.’ And then they tell their friends or their families. They say they loved us much more than a bigger hospital or somewhere else.”
  • “Every single day I’m grateful that I chose to live in this place and be at this hospital.”

I am Dr. Waqas Khan, Interventional Cardiologist, Knapp Cardiac Care Center, And I am Long Island Community Hospital.