Got Questions?

Got questions? Well, we are here to answer them! Just fill out the form and your question will be sent along with all the others. Feel free to add your name or leave it blank. We will sort through all the questions and post as many as possible, focusing on the ones that are asked most often.

Help is available for you. National EAP is available on-site to meet with any staff member who would like to talk with their expert counselors or find out more about their services. You can also call 800.624.2593 to reach their counselors 24/7. Board Certified Chaplin Applewhite is also available for private discussion and spiritual guidance. The schedule is included in the weekly What You Need to Know email. Additional resources are available on our ItsWhoWeAre website on the COVID-19 Resources page under the Employee Support section. You can also call the Patient Advocate office at extension 7313 or stop by the chapel.

If you are exposed to a person/persons who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus you should speak with your manager who will contact Infection Prevention for guidance. Infection Prevention will review exposure details with your department heads and managers to determine if quarantine is necessary. They will need the following information: How long and for what time period were you in the presence of the positive/suspect case? Were you wearing a mask and socially distanced? What was the date(s) of exposure? When did the positive/suspect case become symptomatic or test positive and what is your travel history? Please share this information with your manager as soon as possible.

As our volume increases with this latest wave of the pandemic, we have been actively recruiting and bringing in both agency nurses and nursing assistants to address the need.

Always be cautious with email from people you do not know and most importantly, never click on links or open attachments when you don’t recognize the sender. A good way to validate questionable emails (even from those you know) is to by call or email them with a phone number or email address that you KNOW is real.  Don’t use phone numbers, email addresses or links that are included in the suspect email and don’t open attachments or click on links from those emails until you’ve verified it’s coming from a trusted source.

Forward all questionable emails to